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Son’s of Destiny, is about a boy named Darren Shan who is Vampire. Cirque Du Freak is a series and the book I read is the 12th book and the final book so all the backround information is in the 1st one. Anyway, Darren Shan is a Vampire who was once a normal boy until he went to a Freak Circus one night with his best friend Steve Leonard. The circus was full of mutant freaks, each with their own unique disease. But one of the freaks is a vampire. Mr. Crepsley’s act is with him and his Turantula, Madam Octa. Darren sees this and is completely facinated by this spider. After the show, Darren sneaks down stairs and steals Madam Octa while Mr. Crepsley isn’t looking. On his way out, he sees Steve. For some reason Steve had found out that Mr. Crepsley was a vampire and asked him if he could join his vampire clan. mr. Crepsley reluctantly agrees but first, he had to taste his blood. The second Steve’s blood touched the tip of Crepsley’s tongue, he spat it our with in great disgust. Mr. Crepsley claimed that Steve had had evil and bad blood. He refuses to take Steve in and rejects at him at his own will. Darren sees all of this and is horrified, but Steve is full of anger and hate………. The story goes on and Darren for some reason (I can’t tell you, read the book!) is let in to the Vampire clan. But Steve on the other hand, joins the evil vampire clan called the Vampaneze. In this book “Son’s of Destiny” it is time for the duel of a life time. Darren against Steve. If Darren wins, he is destined to be the leader of the world but will (no matter what) become a cruel and merciless leader. If Steve achieves victory, he will become the Lord of The Shadows and will take the whole world in to his own hands. Who will win? Will Darren save his clan but become the merciless leader? Or wil Steve fulfill his dream of taking revenge of those vampires who rejected him all those years before? Read the book, and it will reveal the secrets and answers to all your questions. You will know the true destiny of the two best friends, who became the worst enemies in the whole world.

Author: The author of this best-selling series is (HOW IRONIC?) DARREN SHAN!!!!

Copyright Date: 2006

Rating: I would Rate this book (I know it’s only out of 5 but this book is TOO GOOD)


Connections and Questions:

1. I connect this book to another book I read called Percy Jackson. It is also a series but it is kind of the same backround information. The characters in both stories are mutants with freakish features and surprisingly, they both have their own chosen destinies.

2. Why did you decide to name the main character of this series Darren Shan? I know it is your name too but, did you dream about these things when you were a kid? Or what is the connection between you and the main character of this series?


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Chicagoland Detective Agency (The Drained Brains Caper)-Graphic Novel   Leave a comment

In the series, “Chicagoland Detective Agency” I read the first novel called, “The Drained Brains Caper”. This story is about a girl named Megan Yamamura who was expelled from her previous school and moves to Chicagoland. She soon meerly befriends a boy named Raf Hernandez who works at a Pet’s Food Store. They are both 12-13 years old. When Megan goes to her new school the next day, everything is different, the kids all have bandages on their for heads, they all love liver and onions, and one kid overdoses on cafeteria lunch food! Megan needs to investigate. But before she can, she is sent to the principal’s office who sends her to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist then tries to…… Megan immediately calls Raf, he goes to a different school but its close enough. Why does Megan need his help? What’s happening? Read the book to find out!

Author: Trina Robbins, Illustrated by Tyler Page

Copyright Date: 2010

I would rate this book because it was a very thrilling and exciting graphic novel but not enough detail to make me feel like I was a part of the story. Of course, I finished the book because…. ya I finished the book 🙂

Questions to the author:

1. Why is the setting of this story “Chicagoland”? and not “Chicago”?

2. What was the file that Raf created called “Delete”? I know that it deletes other files, but how does it work? Will it be a big part of the next story?

Connection: I can connect this book to another graphic novel I read called Point Blank. It’s about a boy who becomes a spy and it is quite similar how the two characters come together to form a detective agency. In point blank, the agency is called MI6 but it still reminds me of it when I read this book.

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SWINDLE is about a boy named Griffin Bing who finds a lost forgotten baseball card of the great, “Babe Ruth” when he is having a lookout at night. At first, Griffin just looks at it and thinks, “Wow, an old baseball card, worth completely nothing to me.” But as the story goes on, the card becomes much more valuable then he thinks. So he goes to a old antique shop to trade his card for some money, but the store keeper (NAME: S. Wendell Palomino, how IRONIC…) insists that the card is worth almost nothing. He gives griffin a small amount of money, and Griffin is happy. But then soon finds out that the baseball card is worth MILLIONS!!! So he hires a group of friends with their own little special talent to track down this store keeper and steal back his prize possession. Oh no! Griffin Bing has been SWINDLED! (Swindled; to cheat, steal, trick, deceive, defraud, lie, rob, con, back stab, obtain dishonestly…… Get it?)

This book was written by the author: Gordon Korman

I would rate this book:    

Copyright Date of book: 2008

Questions to the author:

1. If you were to write a sequal, what would you write about next? Would the characters be the same? Will Griffin Bing’s family be rich this time?

2. Where did you get the idea of a story where a boy and a group of friends, try to obtain a long lost baseball card?

Connections: I cannot relate this to another book but I can relate it to a movie I’ve watched. The movie is called, “Home Alone” and its about a little boy as well who pulls mny pranks and has evil plans. The similairity is that the two boys are both potential spies. They have the ability to hack into computers and read blueprints etc.

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Summer ball is about a boy named Danny Walker who goes to a basketball camp. But when he gets to the camp, he gets stuck with a bunch of people he doesn’t even know. The down side is, all is friends are in one other cabin together! This one big thing that puts Danny in a crappy mood for basketball. He is also afraid because of his height. He is very short and is afraid that he will get shown up by bigger and stronger players. How will he end the camp? Will it all go well? I dont think so…..

This book was written by the famous sports books author: Mike Lupica

I would rate this book         

Copyright Date: 2009

Questions and connetions:

1. Considering you write many sports books, what sports do you play?

2. I cannot really think of a book that connects to this but I can conncect it to my life. I love basketball and I went through a similar thing in Canada. Two years ago I went to a basketball camp in Canada and was matched up against stronger and older players. All of a sudden, I went from being the big man to the short guard. I got pushed around and beat up by them but I got through it.

Thanx for reading!

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In “Safe” the main character named Tracy, is raped in the first couple scenes of the book. She immediately is found and rushed to a hospital. But by the time she can open her eyes again, she is just traumatized with fear. She feels that she can no longer be safe and even the thought of her dead mother makes her scream. All she can think about is walking home from school, the orange car pulling up and then its a nightmare. The book is about her journey back to safeness again. Everyday her she gets stronger and at one point she can’t even walk to the mailbox without collapsing to the ground. Everything that she loved before that day of the rape, she no longer cares about. Who did this horrible thing? Will she ever be fully recovered?

Author and Copyright Year: Susan Shaw, 2007

Rating:      I rate this book

because I like all the feelings that author wrote about Tracy. She wrote in so much detail that I felt so sorry for the character. I recommend this book to anybody who wants to feel sad for someone.

Questions and Connections:

1. What gave you the idea of writing a book about Tracy, have you had a friend that experienced something this traumatizing?

2. Will you ever write a sequal to this book? If you do, what will it be about his time?

I can conncet this book to “Julie of the Wolves” because in “Safe”, Tracy’s only good and safe memory is about her mother. (Who is dead). And also in “Julie of The Wolves” Julie’s mother has died and she has memories of her as well.


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My Math Post   Leave a comment

Click here to see the picture. Look at the 2nd graph called, “Career Season Totals”.

You guys probably knew I was going to pick the topic, basketball , well guess what I did! I found a picture of the NBA’s MVP (Most Valuable Player) Lebron James’ career statistics. The picture shows his stats over his whole career in the NBA. It says that he has scored 16,518 points in his career! That means 8,259 shots! Or 5,506 3-pointers! I picked this picture because I really thought that in the future, this is how math will be related to my work. I want to become a basketball player and when I do, people will need to record my statistics. Read the whole picture and checkout some of Lebron’s other impressing totals. It says that he has blocked shots 510 times in his career. REJECTED! He also played 596 games in 8 seasons! His feet must be in quite pain right now!

I have to questions to ask you guys:

1. What was an interesting fact you learned from this picture?

2. Do you think that this relates to math? Why or why not?

This is Lebron James:


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The book Criss Cross has two main characters, Debbie and Hector. In the beginning of the book, Debbie wishes that something would happen, something good. Hector is inspired by a guitarist and wants to learn to play one. The whole book is about how Debbie thinks about the kind of boys she likes and about her wondering if Lenny, her friend, is the one. Or Peter from California. Hector tries to impress a girl named meadow but soon finds out the she likes someone else, the cocky Dan Persik. Debbie has a significant moment with Peter when they work together to help get Ms. Burning, an old lady in need of house work help from Debbie, to the hospital. She also has a deep talk with a girl named Rowanne, Hector’s sister. Will Debbie find her true love? Or will Hector be loved by Meadow?

Author: Lynne Rae Perkins

Copyright Date: 2005

Rating: I would rate this book three and a half stars. I think that this is a higher reading level book and I didn’t understand some the language. It was not as engaging as “Shooter”, my first novel.

Question for the author: What gave you the idea to write this book? Will you write a second novel? If you do, what problems wil there be?

Connection: I can connect this other book I read called, “Julie of the Wolves”. The similarity is that in the end of “Criss Cross”, Debbie goes through so many thoughts about who she likes and who to love. As for “Julie of the Wolves”, the main character Julie goes through many emotions about choosing what to do and what to believe.

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