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This book is about an Irish man named Collin Martin, who was framed, beat very badly, and sent to a horrifying jail. The jail was in Bangkok Thailand. In the beginning, he traveled to Thailand just to do business with another company. But it turned out that it was all a scam. A CEO of the company insisted on delivering all the employees’ payments, but ended up stealing it. Colin Martin tracked him down and the CEO’s body guard attempted to kill Colin. Then Colin accidentally stabbed him in the stomach. He was sent to jail for murder. The story is all about Colin Martin’s fight for survival in the jail. The jail is nothing like an American jail, it is basically hell. The guards beat, steal, and attempt to do nasty things to the prisoners. Colin tries so hard to prove he is innocence. He almost loses his mind because the Thai jail is such a nightmare. All the guards care about, is money and are not civilized at all. Will he make it out? Welcome to hell….

Author: Colin Martin

Copyright: 2005

Rating: I would rate this book 5 stars because it was really intriguing how the Author wrote down all of the character’s (Colin) feelings to show his fear for the jail.

Questions to the author: Are Thai jails really like that? Are they that horrible?

What gave you the idea to write a story about this man, Colin?

Connections: I can relate this story to another book called “Safe” by Susan Shaw. It is a book about a girl who gets raped on the street and is petrified by it. She cannot go outside because of the fear of being another victim. She finally fights her fears and stands up for herself. In “Welcome To Hell”, it is similar because Colin is afraid of waking up in the Thai jail. He is scared of the guards who might beat him and kick him.

Genre: Realistic Fiction


Posted December 14, 2010 by Kai Toews in Book Critics, Humanities

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