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Click here to see the picture. Look at the 2nd graph called, “Career Season Totals”.

You guys probably knew I was going to pick the topic, basketball , well guess what I did! I found a picture of the NBA’s MVP (Most Valuable Player) Lebron James’ career statistics. The picture shows his stats over his whole career in the NBA. It says that he has scored 16,518 points in his career! That means 8,259 shots! Or 5,506 3-pointers! I picked this picture because I really thought that in the future, this is how math will be related to my work. I want to become a basketball player and when I do, people will need to record my statistics. Read the whole picture and checkout some of Lebron’s other impressing totals. It says that he has blocked shots 510 times in his career. REJECTED! He also played 596 games in 8 seasons! His feet must be in quite pain right now!

I have to questions to ask you guys:

1. What was an interesting fact you learned from this picture?

2. Do you think that this relates to math? Why or why not?

This is Lebron James:



Posted February 6, 2011 by Kai Toews in Math

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