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In “Safe” the main character named Tracy, is raped in the first couple scenes of the book. She immediately is found and rushed to a hospital. But by the time she can open her eyes again, she is just traumatized with fear. She feels that she can no longer be safe and even the thought of her dead mother makes her scream. All she can think about is walking home from school, the orange car pulling up and then its a nightmare. The book is about her journey back to safeness again. Everyday her she gets stronger and at one point she can’t even walk to the mailbox without collapsing to the ground. Everything that she loved before that day of the rape, she no longer cares about. Who did this horrible thing? Will she ever be fully recovered?

Author and Copyright Year: Susan Shaw, 2007

Rating:      I rate this book

because I like all the feelings that author wrote about Tracy. She wrote in so much detail that I felt so sorry for the character. I recommend this book to anybody who wants to feel sad for someone.

Questions and Connections:

1. What gave you the idea of writing a book about Tracy, have you had a friend that experienced something this traumatizing?

2. Will you ever write a sequal to this book? If you do, what will it be about his time?

I can conncet this book to “Julie of the Wolves” because in “Safe”, Tracy’s only good and safe memory is about her mother. (Who is dead). And also in “Julie of The Wolves” Julie’s mother has died and she has memories of her as well.



Posted February 8, 2011 by Kai Toews in Book Critics, Humanities

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