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Summer ball is about a boy named Danny Walker who goes to a basketball camp. But when he gets to the camp, he gets stuck with a bunch of people he doesn’t even know. The down side is, all is friends are in one other cabin together! This one big thing that puts Danny in a crappy mood for basketball. He is also afraid because of his height. He is very short and is afraid that he will get shown up by bigger and stronger players. How will he end the camp? Will it all go well? I dont think so…..

This book was written by the famous sports books author: Mike Lupica

I would rate this book         

Copyright Date: 2009

Questions and connetions:

1. Considering you write many sports books, what sports do you play?

2. I cannot really think of a book that connects to this but I can conncect it to my life. I love basketball and I went through a similar thing in Canada. Two years ago I went to a basketball camp in Canada and was matched up against stronger and older players. All of a sudden, I went from being the big man to the short guard. I got pushed around and beat up by them but I got through it.

Thanx for reading!


Posted March 1, 2011 by Kai Toews in Book Critics, Humanities

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