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Chicagoland Detective Agency (The Drained Brains Caper)-Graphic Novel   Leave a comment

In the series, “Chicagoland Detective Agency” I read the first novel called, “The Drained Brains Caper”. This story is about a girl named Megan Yamamura who was expelled from her previous school and moves to Chicagoland. She soon meerly befriends a boy named Raf Hernandez who works at a Pet’s Food Store. They are both 12-13 years old. When Megan goes to her new school the next day, everything is different, the kids all have bandages on their for heads, they all love liver and onions, and one kid overdoses on cafeteria lunch food! Megan needs to investigate. But before she can, she is sent to the principal’s office who sends her to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist then tries to…… Megan immediately calls Raf, he goes to a different school but its close enough. Why does Megan need his help? What’s happening? Read the book to find out!

Author: Trina Robbins, Illustrated by Tyler Page

Copyright Date: 2010

I would rate this book because it was a very thrilling and exciting graphic novel but not enough detail to make me feel like I was a part of the story. Of course, I finished the book because…. ya I finished the book 🙂

Questions to the author:

1. Why is the setting of this story “Chicagoland”? and not “Chicago”?

2. What was the file that Raf created called “Delete”? I know that it deletes other files, but how does it work? Will it be a big part of the next story?

Connection: I can connect this book to another graphic novel I read called Point Blank. It’s about a boy who becomes a spy and it is quite similar how the two characters come together to form a detective agency. In point blank, the agency is called MI6 but it still reminds me of it when I read this book.


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Swindle – Realistic Fiction   Leave a comment

SWINDLE is about a boy named Griffin Bing who finds a lost forgotten baseball card of the great, “Babe Ruth” when he is having a lookout at night. At first, Griffin just looks at it and thinks, “Wow, an old baseball card, worth completely nothing to me.” But as the story goes on, the card becomes much more valuable then he thinks. So he goes to a old antique shop to trade his card for some money, but the store keeper (NAME: S. Wendell Palomino, how IRONIC…) insists that the card is worth almost nothing. He gives griffin a small amount of money, and Griffin is happy. But then soon finds out that the baseball card is worth MILLIONS!!! So he hires a group of friends with their own little special talent to track down this store keeper and steal back his prize possession. Oh no! Griffin Bing has been SWINDLED! (Swindled; to cheat, steal, trick, deceive, defraud, lie, rob, con, back stab, obtain dishonestly…… Get it?)

This book was written by the author: Gordon Korman

I would rate this book:    

Copyright Date of book: 2008

Questions to the author:

1. If you were to write a sequal, what would you write about next? Would the characters be the same? Will Griffin Bing’s family be rich this time?

2. Where did you get the idea of a story where a boy and a group of friends, try to obtain a long lost baseball card?

Connections: I cannot relate this to another book but I can relate it to a movie I’ve watched. The movie is called, “Home Alone” and its about a little boy as well who pulls mny pranks and has evil plans. The similairity is that the two boys are both potential spies. They have the ability to hack into computers and read blueprints etc.

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