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Son’s of Destiny, is about a boy named Darren Shan who is Vampire. Cirque Du Freak is a series and the book I read is the 12th book and the final book so all the backround information is in the 1st one. Anyway, Darren Shan is a Vampire who was once a normal boy until he went to a Freak Circus one night with his best friend Steve Leonard. The circus was full of mutant freaks, each with their own unique disease. But one of the freaks is a vampire. Mr. Crepsley’s act is with him and his Turantula, Madam Octa. Darren sees this and is completely facinated by this spider. After the show, Darren sneaks down stairs and steals Madam Octa while Mr. Crepsley isn’t looking. On his way out, he sees Steve. For some reason Steve had found out that Mr. Crepsley was a vampire and asked him if he could join his vampire clan. mr. Crepsley reluctantly agrees but first, he had to taste his blood. The second Steve’s blood touched the tip of Crepsley’s tongue, he spat it our with in great disgust. Mr. Crepsley claimed that Steve had had evil and bad blood. He refuses to take Steve in and rejects at him at his own will. Darren sees all of this and is horrified, but Steve is full of anger and hate………. The story goes on and Darren for some reason (I can’t tell you, read the book!) is let in to the Vampire clan. But Steve on the other hand, joins the evil vampire clan called the Vampaneze. In this book “Son’s of Destiny” it is time for the duel of a life time. Darren against Steve. If Darren wins, he is destined to be the leader of the world but will (no matter what) become a cruel and merciless leader. If Steve achieves victory, he will become the Lord of The Shadows and will take the whole world in to his own hands. Who will win? Will Darren save his clan but become the merciless leader? Or wil Steve fulfill his dream of taking revenge of those vampires who rejected him all those years before? Read the book, and it will reveal the secrets and answers to all your questions. You will know the true destiny of the two best friends, who became the worst enemies in the whole world.

Author: The author of this best-selling series is (HOW IRONIC?) DARREN SHAN!!!!

Copyright Date: 2006

Rating: I would Rate this book (I know it’s only out of 5 but this book is TOO GOOD)


Connections and Questions:

1. I connect this book to another book I read called Percy Jackson. It is also a series but it is kind of the same backround information. The characters in both stories are mutants with freakish features and surprisingly, they both have their own chosen destinies.

2. Why did you decide to name the main character of this series Darren Shan? I know it is your name too but, did you dream about these things when you were a kid? Or what is the connection between you and the main character of this series?


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